The Adventurous Developer's guide to JVM Languages


Today there are over 50 actively worked JVM languages in existence today. Some have been ported to the JVM while others have been written specifically for the JVM. This hands on session with take an introductory (but non hello, world) look at a number of JVM languages including, Java 8, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Ceylon, Xtend and Clojure as well as the tooling support, discussing how and why they came about along with the evolution of the languages and distinguish the innovative languages versus those which consolidate existing features from other languages. We'll cover our initial experiences including what rocked and sucked learning each one with example code snippets of a sample HTTP Server from each language.

You don't need any prior knowledge in these languages to attend the session. You will learn about why these other languages have come about, whether they are for you and hear some real life experiences of trying these languages for the first time.

06:30 pm to 07:30 pm
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