JRebel in the Enterprise


Rebel rose as a research project to solve the problem with redeploying the Java applications that led to enormous turnaround cycles. The longer is the turnaround time, the more room for distractions there is, leading to long unintentional breaks and loss of the focus.

We will take a look at the Java ecosystem from the productivity point of view and try to find the ways around the obstacles. How long does your application takes to build? How long does your application server takes to start and deploy the application? Do you have to navigate in the application in order to see the results of your change? JRebel maps workspaces right to the running application, and changes can instantly be reflected in the UI. 

In this talk we will review the challenges involved in solving the turnaround issue and the options available today. We will discuss the tooling and technologies in the Java ecosystem with the respect to productivity, and also the issues involved with integrating JRebel into development cycle and the consequences the tool leads to.I will also provide the guidelines for evaluation and integration of the tool into the existing development stack.

02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
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