Introducing HIP, the Human Interaction Protocol


An API and framework to coworkers, managers and that idiot down the hall

Humans have wonderfully weird interfaces. Ranging from elegantly simple to brutish and infuriating. It is an interface that we all use every day. It is so prevalent that, regrettably, we tend to forget it is there. For all their love of tinkering with systems, developers seem to have no interest whatsoever in hacking this API.

HIP is Open Source, with nearly 7 billion users and almost as many contributors. Over the course of history, the API to humans has been well documented and explored. It is the only API that can be talked about at parties.

In Human Interaction Protocol, Kees Jan Koster talks about the API to various implementations of the human class. He introduces a framework that makes it easier to interface with individual objects. The framework is particularly suitable for clustering humans. From personal experience he explains a few useful design patterns to apply in your HIP clusters.

You take home a set of recipes to apply when using HIP. Simply using these will improve your own use of HIP, and explain and possibly address some of the performance issues you've been seeing in your clusters. They serve as a starting point to tinkering and experimenting with this wonderful API.

After introducing the basic HIP class hierarchy, Kees Jan explains the following patterns: refactoring god classes, breaking endless loops, efficient interrupt handling, scheduling, master selection, response codes and API level negotiation.

This talk is accessible to developers of all levels of experience.

06:30 pm to 07:30 pm
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