Scalable language, scalable DB - accessing OrientDB with Scala


NoSQL is here to stay - for better or worse. There are document, graph, column, key-value databases - all serve specific purposes well. Today I want you to look at relatively new and unknown player - OrientDB. Why is it different and why should you care?

First, it mixes two paradigms - it's both document and graph database. This can lead to quite interesting data models that can not only be performant but also natural to use for developers.

Second, it's usage can be more familiar for 'normal' Java-SQL developer than most NoSQL databases - it's written in Java and has friendly API together with SQL-like query language.
However, friendly as it may be, Java API has to have all Java shortcomings. That's why in my presentation I'll use Scala to query and update OrientDB in concise and typesafe manner. We'll see if functional paradigm helps us or causes problems.

04:30 pm to 06:00 pm
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