, Reveal the power of WebSocket, JSON APIs & HTML5


In this session I will introduce the Websocket API JSR 356 co-operated with JSON Processing API JSR 353 which will be part of the next release of JEE7, with a powerful final project that demonstrate the power of each JSRs and HTML 5 Websocket API. The agenda will be as the following:

1-, what’s new?

2-        Why WebSockets?

3-        Exploring the Websocket API JSR 356 features.

4-        Coding an example.

5-        Explore HTML 5 Websocket API.

6-        JSON Processing API JSR 353.

7-        Continue coding the example.

8-        How to unit testing the API.

9-        Completing the final project.

10-    Questions.

02:00 pm to 03:30 pm
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