Pete Muir

Pete is leading the CDI 1.1 specification, and works on JBoss Developer Framework, a set of tutorials and examples for all JBoss users. Previously, Pete has worked on Infinispan and I led the Seam and Weld projects, and is a founder of the Arquillian project. Pete has worked on a number of specifications including JSF 2.0, AtInject and Java EE 7. Pete is a regular speaker at JUGs and conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, JavaBlend, JSFDays, Red Hat Summit/JBoss World, Red Hat Developer Day and JUDCon.

Pete is currently employed by Red Hat Inc. working on JBoss open source projects. Before working for Red Hat, Pete used and contributed to Seam whilst working at a UK based staffing agency as IT Development Manager.