AndGen: Rapid Application Development for Android

Rapid Application Development has still not found its way to Android application development. Many software houses rely on the experience of its developers to achieve higher development velocity per feature/screen using practices such as modular programming and code re-usability. There exists very few frameworks that auto-generate screens based on given back-ends for Mobile applications. Those available are usually offered based on a pricing scheme. 
All of the facts mentioned previously motivated the creation of AndGenerator. AndGenerator is an Eclipse plugin developed by Ahmed Misbah which auto-generates Android screens from web services. The plugin generates the different tiers (Presentation, Business and Integration tiers) required to build a screen which loads or persists data using given web services. 
The plugin promotes the use of Rapid Application Development for developing Android applications. It also helps reduce the time needed to develop screens that basically load data from existing back-ends or saves them. 
The proposed JDC session will introduce the problems that initiated the effort to develop such a plugin. It then describes the features of the plugin and how it can be used to generate screens for Android applications. Finally, it will describe future work that can be done to further improve the plugin and promote contribution to one of the few open-source application generators available in the market. 
10:30 am to 11:30 am
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