Building Modern Applications using JBoss and OpenShift


Good applications are a mix of powerful technologies and a
productive approach to development. In this session, Pete Muir will discuss how
both aspects blend together in the context of a working application. He will
introduce the JBoss preferred approach to developing applications, with its
underlying motivations and design goals. Next he’ll will walk you through a
demo Java EE 6 application, and show you how JBoss’ RAD tool, JBoss Forge,
allows you to easily add capabilities. Pete will deploy both locally, and to
Red Hat’s free PaaS in the cloud, OpenShift. The application will offer a
mobile-friendly HTML5 front end, allowing you to use the app during the
session. Finally, Pete will discuss the requirements for the application, why the
technologies were chosen, and how the application is architected. At the end
you’ll have experienced a variety of technologies by Red Hat, including JBoss
and OpenShift, to help you develop your applications.

06:30 pm to 08:00 pm
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