Profiler-Guided Java Performance Tuning

Profilers are important tools to first understand your application and subsequently getting rid of your
performance problems and memory leaks!

The importance of performance tuning of the application is essential knowledge for all levels of engineers ranging from Performance experts to developers, performance issues could be simple issues to fix but could lead (if not handled in the proper way and time) to fatal costive production issues , also some performance issues are functional issues that can’t be discovered except during performance testing.

A lot of Java profilers are available with wide range of license , they almost share the same features and could be used in the same way , session will cover most important profiling tools also will show hands-on exercise on how to use different profilers, interpret the results and tune the applications accordingly.

The session will cover the following topics:

- How to deal with performance in your application

- Understand Memory & concurrency in Java

- Java profiling tools

- Profiling Modes

- Samples: include profiling , diagnosis and resolution:

1) Sample 1 : Detecting hotspts

2) Sample 2 : Detecting Memory leakage

3) Sample 3 : Detecting concurrency issues.

- Offline profiling

09:30 am to 11:00 am
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