Ahmed Aswani

 Nearly 8 years developing Enterprise and web Application using many technologies and languages manly Java platform, currently working for Raya International Services as a senior Middle-ware Consultant in agile environment developing BPM and SOA Application believing in test automation , though my daily work with Oracle products, I'm passionate for opensource technologies, In love with Linux.

Ahmed Fathalla

Ahmed is a technical expert and serial entrepreneur. Before quitting his job to run a startup, Ahmed was responsible for implementation and support of technology infrastructure at IBM. Previously, Ahmed developed award winning software at ITWorx and represented Egypt at the world’s largest student technology competition. He is also a committer at The Apache Software Foundation and runs CairoTechClub, a community of software professionals around Cairo.

Ahmed holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Computer Science Department at the American University in Cairo.

Ahmed Misbah

A Technical Manager at Victory Link with 7 years of experience developing applications using JSE, JEE, Android SDK and Oracle Fusion Middleware Technologies. I have a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science and a number of Java certifications including SCEA, SCMAD, SCDJWS, SCWCD and SCJP. 

I have pursued mobile application development since 2010, developing 10 small/medium scale applications and a library for conducting Automated Testing on Android Platform. I have also delivered numerous sessions related to Android including the first joint event between EGJUG and GTUG and most recently a session at Java Developer Conference 2012.

Ahmed Sha'lan

Ahmed is Technical Architect at ITWorx. Ahmed has participated in different Java enterprise application in the fields telecommunication, e-Commerce and e-Government for the last 8 years. Ahmed has worked with different Java frameworks such as Spring, Struts, Apache Camel, Apache CXF.

Attila Csipa

Attila Csipa is a Technology Wizard in Nokia, based in Tampere, Finland. A software developer since his late teens, he has been developing software for Nokia platforms for over 6 years. Currently he is evangelizing Java ME development on Series 40, with a focus on Nokia Asha phones. When not on the road training and evangelizing, he's providing support and consultancy roles for 3rd party developers, as well as holding various development oriented webinars and workshops.

Ayman El Sheikh

Ayman has over 12 Years of experience working with Middle Ware solutions using JEE technologies. He has held several positions in major organisations such as  Oracle covering areas from development, system architecture and delivering small and large projects, then moving to solution and enterprise  architecture and finally Middle East Turkey and Africa, Solutions Architects Manager. Ayman has hands on experience with a variety of Middle Ware solutions from the top vendors.

For the past 3 years Ayman has focused his attention on opensource technologies with Red Hat, in addition to this he is the subject matter expert for SOA with in the Red Hat Middle Ware team in EMEA.

Bassem Zohdy

An innovative and adaptable senior software engineer with +9 years experience in variant IT solutions, Spring propositional certified, working on portlet development more than 3 years on IBM WPS in most of Gulf countries and in Egypt, participate in opensource support activities, sharing experience in you tube videos on my personal channel



Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey is a member of the IBM Java Technology Center team at the Hursley Park Development Lab in the United Kingdom. As the technical architect for the IBM Java service and support organization he is responsible for enabling Java users to deliver successful application deployments - a subject for which he is a recognised author and speaker. Chris is also involved in gathering and assessing new requirements, delivering new debugging capabilities and tools, making improvements in documentation, and improving the quality of the IBM SDK for Java.

Hazem Saleh

Hazem Saleh has nine years of experience in JEE and Open Source technologies. He worked as a technical consultant for different clients in Europe (Sweden), North America (USA, Canada), South America (Peru), Africa (Egypt), and Asia (Qatar, Kuwait). He is an Apache MyFaces committer and the founder of many open source projects. Beside being the author of the "JavaScript Unit Testing" book and the co-author of the "Definitive guide to Apache MyFaces" book, Hazem is also an author of many technical articles, a developerWorks contributing author and a technical speaker in both local and international conferences such as the IBM Regional Technical Exchange, CON-FESS and JavaOne. Hazem is now working for IBM Egypt as an advisory software engineer. He is a Web 2.0 SME and an IBM Certified Expert IT Specialist (L2).

Hosam Aly

Hosam Aly is a highly skilled software engineer, with a broad experience covering a diverse set of software development tools, languages and methodologies, gathered throughout more than 7 years of working for companies of all sizes. Hosam has a degree in computer science from Cairo University, and is knowledgeable in programming languages, algorithms, and software engineering processes.

Jan Krebber

Jan Krebber is a Senior User Experience Consultant from OCTO3 in Finland. He is specialized in small device interface design and service design.

Jan has been with human factors and mobile phones for more than 12 years. During the last year he participated in documenting Series 40 UI style and he was helping develop Nokia’s UX offering for 3rd party developers who are targeting Nokia Asha smartphones.

He acts as a UX evangelist for Series 40 and he delivered various webinars and workshops related to mobile phone App design and Series 40 UI style.

Feel free to ask Jan during the conference days for UX advice for your mobile application.

Jernej Kase

Jernej Kase is a consultant with a special focus in delivering business value with Oracle Fusion Middleware platform. Jernej actively works with Oracle Partners, examining how they can improve productivity, shorten time-to-market and consequently expand and grow by adopting products from the Fusion Middleware family.

Kees Jan Koster

Kees Jan Koster is Java expert en entrepreneur. As a Java expert he specialises in performance tuning of large, distributed systems. As an entrepreneur Kees Jan is the founder and driving force behind http://java-monitor.com, the free, on-line Java monitoring tool.

Kees Jan speaks often and energetically about Java and about distributed systems in general. He likes to challenge the audience to ask questions and offer rebuttal to his ideas. Kees Jan previously gave presentations at JavaOne, Devoxx, TheServerSide Symposium, ScanDevConf, ejug and J-Fall.

Khaled Al-Kady

Khaled Al-Kady, graduated in 2005 from CS dept - Faculty of computers and information - Cairo University, Worked as software engineer at IBM for 3 years, then joined Orange R&D Lab for 4 years
Worked in multiple fields doing mobile&web development, designing frameworks and recently started exploring the robotics world

Maciek Próchniak

Few years ago Maciek was algebraic topologist, struggling hard to compute inverse homotopy limits of contravariant functors. Then he moved to Java world - dabbling with various things - from SOA and EIP to RIA applications, for last few years @ TouK.

Now he returns to the roots - discovering functional programming again - this time with scala(z). With every new project he learns that KISS is the most important principle and that every garbage has to be collected some time.

Mike Keith

Mike Keith has been an object-oriented programming, enterprise, distributed systems and persistence expert for over 20 years.  He works at Oracle as an Enterprise Java Architect and contributes to Java EE and many of the subspecifications that make up the Java EE portfolio. He has represented Oracle on numerous expert groups and is a reknowned speaker and author. He is currently the project lead of the Eclipse Gemini project that produces reusable enterprise modules supporting Java EE-based applications.

Mohamed Abdellatif

Mohamed Abdellatif is an architect and developer at Huawei with over 8 years of experience. He has been working in telecommunications software industry for more than 6 years. He has worked on different integration projects involved systems from Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei, Alcatel and Redknee. He is also a TMForum certified Business Development Manager. He holds B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Ain Shams University.

Mohamed Abouzeid

Mohamed Abouzeid is a senior software developer at HP enterprise services, he has 7 years of experience in government and telecom industries analyzing, proposing and developing solutions using J2EE technologies. Mohamed is experienced in SOA and integration solutions, he also has interest in requirements engineering, project management and software technical pre-sales activities

Mohamed Alfateh

Mohamed Alfateh is specialized in Security Auditing and Java /J2EE application security with experience in penetration testing and software security assessment. He is currently a Experienced Consultant - Information Security at RISC (Raya Information Security Crew), holding GSSP-JAVA, GSNA, GSEC, ISO27001 LA certificates.

Mohamed Taman

A Systems Architect and Java team leader, with around 11 years’ experience in projects architecture, manages department team, projects deadlines, delivery times, capacity plans, and resource planning in case of concurrent projects / change requests development.

A Java Community process (JCP) member, who is involved in working on many JSRs especially JEE7 and Glassfish 4.

And using java (JSE 2+, JEE 5+, EJB3+), ORM, OOP, Sun, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, UML, and implementing high-level security solutions, coding quality standards and architecture techniques.

My career has taken me to different companies (Oracle, Silicon Expert & Intercom Enterprise), where I work now as Java EE consultant / Systems Architect and Java Team Leader at e-finance

Mohamed Taman Also previously gave presentations at JavaOne, and will at Devoxx France 2013.

For more info visit


Nart Seine

Nart Seine is a Middleware Solution Architect at Red Hat in Dubai. With over 9 years of experience with multiple vendors in various roles including software development, technical consulting, and solution architecture, Nart helps customers in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa solve real-world problems using JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Open Source Java technologies

Osama Oransa

Osama is Solution Architect at Vodafone International Services - VIS, Performance Consultant, Certified Architect and SME in SOA  technology, he worked before at the IBM corporate center in Egypt and Oracle as a senior software engineer, HP as Java specialist, won Duke Choice Award in 2010 by the Pulse HealthIntact project and selected by Oracle as one of the future of the Java,, Osama is finishing his CS Master Degree in Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport. He was one of the speakers at the Cairo Java Developer Conference 2010 and Frontier Keynote in JavaOne 2010, Osama is Open Source contributor with around 12 projects  posted in the SourceForge.

Pete Muir

Pete is leading the CDI 1.1 specification, and works on JBoss Developer Framework, a set of tutorials and examples for all JBoss users. Previously, Pete has worked on Infinispan and I led the Seam and Weld projects, and is a founder of the Arquillian project. Pete has worked on a number of specifications including JSF 2.0, AtInject and Java EE 7. Pete is a regular speaker at JUGs and conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, JavaBlend, JSFDays, Red Hat Summit/JBoss World, Red Hat Developer Day and JUDCon.

Pete is currently employed by Red Hat Inc. working on JBoss open source projects. Before working for Red Hat, Pete used and contributed to Seam whilst working at a UK based staffing agency as IT Development Manager.

Phil Calçado

Phil Calçado is a Director of Engineering at SoundCloud, where he writes code and helps teams build a scalable and maintainable service. Before moving to Berlin, he spent four years as a Lead Consultant for ThoughtWorks, where he helped clients build systems in whatever crazy stack they had decided to use.

Radwa Osama

Radwa, is a Lead Software Engineer at ITWorx with over 6 years of experience. Radwa’s career spanned working in several industries like Banking and Bio-Informatics. Radwa graduated from faculty of computers and information, Cairo University.

Simon Maple

Simon is a Technical Evangelist at ZeroTurnaround, but is less about preaching and more about discussion and interaction. His passion is around technical communities and is an active member of the London Java Community (LJC) organising group as well as the LJC JCP EC committee. Simon used to be a tester, developer and technical evangelist for IBM on the WebSphere Application Server for over 10 years prior to joining ZeroTurnaround. He enjoys playing and watching football (spherical variety), drinking tea and spending quality time with his family.

Umit Sunar

Umit SUNAR is working as a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Middle East & Africa. Umit is focused on working with MEA CSVs, startups, developers and influencers around Windows Azure and Cloud Computing. Trying to increase the reach, adoption and impact of Microsoft Cloud in the region.

He achieved his first programming certificate when he was 13 and worked with many development technologies for more than 12 years. He is working with Cloud Computing for more than 5 years. During his professional career he worked as an architect and trusted advisor and was involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from security, ERP, CRM and real-time transactional systems.

Umit holds a bachelor degree in Aeronautics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey and has started Executive MBA.